We are a bussiness that buys and sells all sorts of cars.
The range of cars you can see on our website is only a portion of all the cars we sell, we are not able to show all cars on our site because they come and go.
This means that we only put cars on our site of which we know that they are not as easy to sell.
If you want to see our full range of cars come to our dealership on Mistertijanistraat69
MirBo is a whole new way to buy a car. Other car dealers put all their energy into making sales. We put ours into making friends. At MirBo, you'll benefit from added extras you can't find at other places. Like no commission salespeople and no haggle prices.
We do business differently. You'll notice the difference the minute you contact us. It's a no-hassle environment where everyone – customers and staff – is treated with courtesy and respect.
MirBo Occasions are open from 8am till 6pm from monday to friday
You are welcome to come whenver you like, our staff would like to tell you more about us!
These are the co-founders of MirBo Occasions
Amir (Mir)
Boaz (BO)